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Company News >> OLED TV panel to accelerate the forward market getting better 27th,Feb,2017
                                    In the past 2015, the debate on the color TV display technology has been endless. As the OLED TV panel market only LG Display one, this technology was once predicted to be the same as the face of the adventure of the face of the history of the situation, along with the application of OLED color TV brand from LG extended to Skyworth, Konka, the market turn for the better. Owen cloud network (AVC) full channel push the total data show that in 2015, China OLED TV market retail sales of 43,000 units, the market share of 0.1%; shipments of 40 million units, compared with 2014 increased by 4 times The Expected 2016 ~ 2018, the global OLED TV shipments will continue to rise sharply, only in 2016 will jump to 1.3 million units. Among them, the performance of the Chinese market is particularly prominent, 2016 and 2017 will continue to maintain a growth rate of 400%.
                           As the next generation of display technology OLED, 2015 real product development into the first year, which also gave the industry to eat a reassurance, and strengthen the development of OLED confidence and determination.
                           According to the reporter to understand, OLED is very different with the LCD next-generation products, no backlight, self-luminous can achieve pure black, accurate color expression, any angle can achieve the same color, with 5000 times faster than the LCD response speed and thin Design, but also to achieve folding, surface, transparent and other forms. Advantages in one, OLED is considered to be the best technology to achieve future products. In addition, OLED has the bright part of the more bright, darker darker infinite contrast advantage, for the current hot next-generation imaging technology HDR provide the best display solution.
                           OLED TV hot ignite the OLED panel market, and OLED panel boom to OLED panel manufacturers great confidence.
                           LG Display is the world's only production of OLED TV panel manufacturers. A responsible person told the author, LG Display uses WRGBOLED technology. WRGB OLED technology is in the red, green and blue organic material on the basis of the vertical arrangement of white organic matter, white organic light emitted through the TFT substrate color.
In December 2013, LG Display launched its first 55-inch OLED TV panel, and in May 2013, LG Display launched a surface OLED TV panel and successfully developed the UHD OLED TV panel in 2014. Not only that, LG Display also 2013 and 2015, LG Display and Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, Panasonic and other color TV giants to reach cooperation in 2015, LG Display in the production capacity, product line and customer base In 2015, LG Display OLED TV panel sales of about 40 million. "Speaking of LG Display in recent years in the field of OLED panel achievements, LG Display, a person in charge of the number of Jane.
                           Belong to the Korean company's Samsung Display, the technical route belongs to the OLED another technology genre - RGB OLED. Limited to technical issues, Samsung Display only in mobile phones and tablet PCs and other small size OLED panel to open up the soil. However, it is reported that Samsung Display will increase in the OLED plant and equipment investment of 7.47 billion US dollars to increase production. According to industry analysis, although this huge investment is mainly to meet the Apple iPhone mobile phone demand for small size OLED panels, but with the technology is mature, it is possible in the future will come up with part of the production capacity of large-size OLED TV panel.
                           In this one to seize the third generation of display technology - OLED technology global voice of the tug of war, the Chinese mainland panel factory is also ready to do.
                           According to a person in charge of BOE, OLED technology, the BOE in the small and medium size to go RGB technology line, in the large size to take WRGB technology line. July 2014, the BOE Ordos 5.5 AMOLED line production, the main production of small and medium size LTPS and AMOLED high-end display devices. May 2015, BOE Chengdu 6 generation LTPS / AMOLED production line project started construction, the main production of high-end mobile phone display and emerging mobile display and other products. In addition, BOE Chongqing and Hefei 8.5-generation line design are also compatible with OLED panels. In the just-concluded fair, BOE released the first independent research and development of 55-inch 4K surface AMOLED panel. Therefore, even if the future of the OLED industry to the replacement time, BOE has also been prepared.

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