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Company News >> BOE and Huawei cooperation OLED panel for three reasons 27th,Mar,2017
                                         Some of the next generation iPhone models will be equipped with OLED screen, seems to have been a matter of course. South Korean media recently broke the news that Apple and Samsung are likely to have signed up to $ 2.6 billion OLED panel order agreement. Allegedly, Apple is expected to order from the Samsung monitor 75 million OLED screen, accounting for 14% of OLED screen output, Samsung Electronics will receive 56% of the screen, OPPO and vivo will guarantee 13% and 10% of the OLED screen share. In this regard, Samsung and Apple are not comment.
                                If the news is true, Samsung, Apple, OPPO, vivo accounted for 93%, the remaining, has been quite limited. It is noteworthy that the brand mentioned in the above broke the news, not included in the 2016 and Samsung "court", the current Chinese mobile phone market as a "leading" Huawei.
                                However, the recent news that Huawei and domestic panel makers BOE "cooperative research and development of the OLED screen has been mass production", however, Huawei and BOE official did not disclose the relevant news. However, in my opinion, Huawei is not not involved in the field of panel motives and possible:
Direct motivation: to solve the problem of mobile phone display panel supply
Although the large size applications are not yet mature, but small size OLED screen, has become a lot of flagship mobile phone standard, according to the author's understanding, its advantages are the following:
1. Material thin, touch sensitivity higher;
2. Bright color performance, high contrast, to ensure good viewing results;
3. Self-luminous material, the general use of relatively low power consumption, so as to ensure a relatively better life effect;
4. Good scalability, can be made into a curved state, and even to the "foldable" development, and thus to the product design to bring more space.
                               In addition, nail technology that at this stage the use of OLED screen, there are two roles: First, pull high product tone (mainly used in high-end products), the second is with the Friends of the formation of differences.
                              As the product of high-end strategy placed in the relatively high position of Huawei, in 2016 follow the surface OLED screen design, in the current mobile phone market competition situation, in order not to be opponents "rush", in the product continued application of OLED screen , Is almost an inevitable choice.
However, the data show that in 2016 Q3, Samsung control the global flexible OLED panel 93.7% market share, small and medium size panel market share as high as 31.8%, beyond the first two JDI and third LGD Of the total value of 28.5%. In this situation, technology-driven Huawei, it is possible to directly involved in the field of the panel, because nail technology that, in addition to solve the immediate problems, it has a larger layout.
Deep motivation: to build the industrial chain closed - loop, to expand competitiveness
                              No longer talk about "five years more than Samsung and Apple", is a reflection of the pragmatic style of Huawei, but this does not mean that Huawei and Samsung and Apple competition disappeared. And Huawei and Samsung, Apple's contest, is not simply the domestic market, the usual "price war", and must be technical strength and control of the supply chain control.
According to the author observed, Huawei, Samsung, Apple are the key to the smart phone as the formation of a control force, and Apple's comparative advantage lies in the software and system level; the same time, Apple did not form a chain of its own industry chain, but its Downstream has considerable control of the ability, the most obvious is the bargaining power between suppliers and the Samsung in the field of mobile phones basically built a complete chain of its own industry chain.
                              I believe that Huawei's mobile phone to expand the competitiveness of the key, but also to better grasp the supply chain. Earlier this year, there was news that Huawei appeared to the supply chain under the repair of the first quarter of the situation, from the original set of 38 million units reduced to 35 million units, when the industry or the supply chain itself is tightly related. 2015, there is news As the Samsung AMOLED screen supply tight, OPPO may reduce production capacity.
                              Previously also reported that Huawei, OPPO and vivo by Apple to Samsung ordered the impact of OLED panels, the establishment of the Union, the purpose is to promote other OLED screen suppliers to improve production capacity, in fact, is to enhance the control of the industry chain. But for technology-driven Huawei, independent research and development, self-built industry chain closed-end, perhaps a better choice.
                              I note that the end of last year, a user and the "Huawei terminal" question and answer, caused no small concern in the answer to "Huawei TV sales?" This issue, "Huawei terminal" said "no" Waiting for the next day to see Huawei TV.
                              Before, has been heard over Huawei to do the news of television. In the consumer business has a high expectation value, at the same time in the TV box on the layout, at the same time in the manufacturing, research and development, product control have a good basis for Huawei, is likely to get involved in the TV terminal. Involved in panel business, there may be Huawei to further enter the TV market opportunities.
                              In addition, in addition to the original business, Huawei may also try to get through the technical output of new business growth. Huawei developed independent chip, there are views that Huawei will output its related technology, however, as Huawei's mobile phone into the high-end market signs, short-term, Huawei should not be its external supply, but not marked with a clear panel different.
                              Finally, the question is that BOE will not work with Huawei OLED panel. Recently, there is news that Apple has been with China's BOE, Huaxing photoelectric, Tianma microelectronics, and Huaguang, Kunshan Guocheng and soft-technology six companies secretly discuss OLED cooperation. Apple has been testing the BOOL AMOLED screen for several months and may consider adding BOE to the supplier next year.
                             Nevertheless, in the nail technology view, this does not affect the cooperation between BOE and Huawei. At the end of last year, there is news that BOE in Sichuan, the two OLED production lines, are basically in order to meet future customer Lenovo and Huawei supporting the establishment of the demand.

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