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Company News >> LCD module to make money China shows the industry the next three to five years the main theme unchanged 28th,June,2017
                                            Driven by the mobile phone industry, China not only appeared in the market value of nearly 100 billion LCD panel business, but also appeared in a number of market value of over 10 billion LCD module business, touch screen module business, and even the market value of over 50 billion touch Display accessories cover glass processing enterprises.
With Samsung will be next year for the Apple mobile phone to provide AMOLED display of the news continue to spread, China's LCD display industry practitioners are to produce unnecessary anxiety, resulting in LCD module manufacturers and backlight manufacturers confidence in the market outlook, The investment community began to withdraw from the relevant capital, chasing the relevant OLED target.
At the same time in the fourth quarter of last year, mobile phone industry chain inventory of the inventory, leading to mobile phone LCD panel prices faster than the cost of decline, so that mobile phone LCD panel production efficiency is low. From the first quarter of 2016, the two sides of the LCD panel manufacturers have lowered the proportion of mobile LCD panel shipments, turn to produce less expensive low-cost LCD TV panel or lower prices in the In \ On-Cell Embedded LCD touch panel, mobile phone LCD panel supply is also some size on the obvious gap.
LCD panel factory in the structural adjustment of the market, some mobile LCD module factory or because the upstream panel resources can not get reduced shipments, or the production of thin after the ultra-thin In \ On-Cell embedded LCD touch Display module, production yield and efficiency are still climbing, shipments have also shrunk. Although the entire industry mobile phone LCD module prices slowed down, the market slightly better than in previous years, but the mobile phone LCD module shipments were significantly lower than in previous years, mobile LCD module business profits decline is also an indisputable fact.
However, from the Samsung point of view, the mobile phone panel business has been more than the traditional low-cost TV panel business more attractive. Samsung recently on the research broker said that 2017 mobile phone AMOLED production capacity is still limited, can not meet all the needs of Apple's mobile phone models, the future will continue to expand production capacity AMOLED to meet the needs of the mobile phone industry.
At the same time, Samsung will also choose the original supply of Internet TV, low-cost specifications LCD panel line shut down, the equipment operating conditions better production line to seek the whole plant transfer or sale of equipment to China or South Asia industry counterparts.
In addition, Samsung mobile phone panel business inside, but also only optimistic about AMOLED display technology. For the LCD phone panel, Samsung in 2015 to a-Si process upgrade to LTPS process and found that not only related patents are limited, the production technology is also behind the Apple defined LTPSLCD mobile phone panel, can not get Apple technology driver chip case , LTPSLCD mobile phone panel is basically no competitive, and therefore decided to complete the customer's original mobile phone IPSLCD panel orders in the case no longer accept the new order, decisively abandoned the LTPSLCD mobile phone panel business.
Since Apple's mobile phone on the way for the screen, the entire mobile phone LCD panel industry are almost always led by the nose of the apple, at the cost of improving the resolution and quality level, the figure in the physical parameters to defeat the apple, earn the eye. Unfortunately, the panel manufacturers one-sided physical parameters to enhance, and did not create a better display than the Apple display screen LCD screen, but often the more high-end parameters of the display more serious loss of the screen.
But in the apple driven by the panel industry has also appeared on the positive side, the production of mobile phone LCD panel manufacturers in the pursuit of high physical parameters in the process, had to use more advanced production technology and more optimized management model to drive the entire panel industry Rapid increase in the level of automation, production efficiency is also rising rapidly, so that the production of the panel slowly from the labor-intensive mode, to rely on investment scale and cost efficiency to win the market of professional and technical model.
And Apple to more and more PC-side applications integrated into the smart phone inside, fundamentally changed the modern social life model, smart phones are also in the information society from consumer goods into necessities of life, and as more and more Of the country, region and the crowd continue to enter the information society era, smart phone user coverage will continue to grow, driving the total consumption of smart phones rose.
In the huge number of absolute market demand, the mobile phone panel area growth compared to the TV panel is insignificant, but the number of mobile phone panel shipments reached the level of unprecedented display industry, associated with mobile phone panel display after the model Group processing industry, in the past five years there has been explosive growth, so that the mobile phone industry chain to undertake the transfer of the Chinese mainland manufacturers significantly benefit.
Driven by the mobile phone industry, China not only appeared in the market value of nearly 100 billion LCD panel business, but also appeared in a number of market value of over 10 billion LCD module business, touch screen module business, and even the market value of over 50 billion touch Display accessories cover glass processing enterprises. Benefit from the mobile phone industry developed by the demon in addition to the capital market pocketed the eye, but also to investors get far more than the industry level of return on investment income.
Despite the smart phone market since the outbreak of the market so far, really from the mobile phone to show the relevant products to make money on the enterprise is not much, and even many companies have also lost the original accumulation of closed down. But it is undeniable that the mobile phone display industry, the industry's total output value of the module industry is still nearly 100 billion scale, directly and indirectly together to feed millions of employees in China, the industry each year to earn tens of billions of net Profits, real support for the sustainable development of China's electronics industry and industrial innovation.
In the future of mobile phone panel factory is the development of LCD technology or the development of OLED technology "fairy fight" when the Chinese mobile phone display module manufacturers are still continue to maintain its strong combat effectiveness, and did not give up their own rapid gathering of skilled employees to absorb capital investment, Rapid organization of the fine tradition of production.
In order to counter the impact of OLED technology, in addition to the LED light source manufacturers to improve the color gamut of LED capabilities, in the backlight device to add quantum dot devices to improve the LCD module product quality level, the production can shoulder to shoulder or even beyond OLED quality level of the display device, but also in recent years, mobile phone display module industry efforts direction.
Mobile phone display module manufacturers in addition to continue to reduce the top of the LCD display screen cover thickness, reduce the top of the LCD display screen on the display image of the optical interference, and the upstream supply chain with the development of new phase structure, arrangement, drive mode Efforts to reduce power consumption and improve the fineness of the picture are still continuing, and optimize the display image rewrite algorithm with the downstream application side to improve picture performance and user experience.
And in 2018 to 2020 before the arrival of OLED panels in full, mobile phone display module manufacturers to enhance equipment automation, import advanced processes and optimize the management of enterprise management is still growing. The entire industry deep plowing LCD module to make money, and for the OLED panel after the outbreak, to undertake OLED display module post-processing to fully prepare the general trend, is still the mainstream of China's touch display industry, China shows the industry continued expansion in the next three to five years The main theme will not change.

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