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Company News
Company News
New Samsung patent: UTG ultra-thin glass display, or it will be used in Samsung Galaxy Fold 2... More>>
Samsung 2020 new machine exposure: AMOLED display + same hole design + rear four cameras... More>>
Korean media: Chinese panel makers reduce LCD production, Korean companies are expected to get a respite... More>>
Korean media: Apple iPhone 11S series has three OLED models, screens supplied by Samsung and LG... More>>
Korea KB Securities: OLED Super Boom Cycle in 2021... More>>
The best quality LCD screen phone does not do: become a swan song... More>>
ROHM introduces new car-grade LED driver ICs to support 12-inch LCD panels... More>>
Color TV three quarterly report: Huawei's smart screen failed to increase the price, the online average price was low... More>>
Visionox exclusively supplies G8s ThinQ rigid OLED, LG will introduce BOE OLED next year... More>>
Panel winter may continue, Chinese panel development to emerging markets or solutions... More>>
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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618