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Chinese manufacturers will usher in a new wave of AMOLED panel investment boom... More>>
OLED barbaric growth market share will be super LCD next year... More>>
When the reluctant Hisense met OLED, it was still a "circle" after a big circle.... More>>
BOE jumps to the world's first LCD panel next year: AMOLED yields 70%... More>>
OLED: Unveiled to show the ubiquitous DoT era... More>>
20-year evolution of LCD backlight technology... More>>
Why is the TN panel still not dying?... More>>
LCD liquid crystal liquid leakage repair method... More>>
LCD liquid crystal use precautions... More>>
There are three reasons why BOE and Huawei cooperate with OLED panels.... More>>
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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618