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Company News >> OLED screen to break the future of the market LCD where to go 28th,Feb,2017
                                    LED LCD TV in the Internet under the aura of the TV into a price war, at the same time, OLED technology is a "maximize the natural color" attitude, want to lead the new "TV revolution."
Now the market in the screen is divided into LCD (or LED that is the LCD display) and OLED two types. OLED and LCD biggest difference is that the principle of light and TV color technology is different, so LCD (LED) and OLED display is very different.
                          OLED screen to break the future of the market LCD where to go
                          From the technical point of view, OLED is more excellent, it is very thin, high luminous efficiency (energy saving), bending and excellent contrast and black level (that is, when the black screen is all black), these are LCD display technology is not To the. As OLED display technology reasons, after its main widely used in small screen products, such as wearing equipment and mobile phone screen, but because of LCD display technology in the development of bottlenecks and ceilings, OLED large-screen production technology and therefore some manufacturers Pay attention to it.
                          According to third-party research firm IHS data show that in 2014, OLED market size of 8.7 billion US dollars, the next few years will be rapid development, is expected to 2022, the market will grow to 29.1 billion US dollars.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618