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Company News >> DisplaySearch: 2008 Large-size LCD panel shipments grew 11% 15th,Mar,2017
                                  DisplaySearch for the world's large-size TFT LCD shipments and forecasts published the latest report pointed out that the fourth quarter of 2008 large-size TFT LCD shipments of 93.5 million, compared with the third quarter of 2008 fell 19%, compared with the same period last year fell 17%. Coupled with panel prices fell sharply in the fourth quarter of last year, large size TFT LCD shipments only $ 12 billion, down 33% from the previous quarter, compared with the same period last year is a sharp decline of 48%.
                          According to the results of the following table 1 can be seen, poor demand and panel capacity utilization adjustment, making all the application areas are very unsatisfactory shipments. DisplaySearch's new report also included full-year shipments for 2008, with global shipments of large-size TFT LCD panels totaling 439 million units, up 11 percent from 2007; notebook PC panel shipments An annual growth rate of 22%, LCD TV annual growth rate of 20%.
                         The LCD display shipments, such as the addition of 26 inches below the application of small TV parts, LCD display panel shipments remained basically the same level last year; but if the 26 inches below the LCD TV panel deduction, 2008 Year LCD panel shipments fell 2% from last year.
                          As for the volume of changes in the situation, in 2008 the world's large-size TFT LCD panel shipments amounted to 72 billion US dollars, down 1% over 2007. Among the 19 large-size panel suppliers, only three vendors shipped increased in 2007, Samsung (up 9%), Chi Mei (10%) and Sharp (17%), while the remaining 16 shipments The amount of decline, including the LG Display (down 2%) and AUO (down 12%).
                          From the manufacturers do not look, Samsung to 18.5 billion US dollars shipments ranked first, the market share of up to 25.7%; LG Display to 14.6 billion US dollars shipping amount of home, market share of 20.3%; AUO in large size panel To 17% market share ranked third, shipments amounted to 12.3 billion US dollars. At the same time Samsung in the shipments and shipping areas are both in a leading position, LG Display and AUO separated second and third.
                          From the point of view, Taiwanese manufacturers to 44.1% shipments accounted for the first place in the region, but the number of 47.2% in 2007 fell by 3%; South Korean manufacturers shipments market share by the 2007 Year 40.3% to 43.5% in 2008.
                          From different application areas do not see the performance of the manufacturers relative to the amount of shipments and shipments have changed. To LCD panel, Samsung to 17.6% of the market share of shipments to obtain the championship position, Chi Mei and LG Display were 17.5% and 17%, respectively, separated from the second and third.
                          To notebook PC panel, the first three manufacturers in order for the LG Display, Samsung and AUO, the market share of 30%, respectively, 29% and 21%; in the LCD TV panel (not including 26 inches below the LCD TV Display panel), Samsung to 22% market share to take the lead, LG Display ranked second, market share of 20%, Chi Mei was 18.4% market share ranked third.
                          For the first quarter of 2009, the world's large-size TFT LCD market, DisplaySearch Greater China Vice President Xie Qinyi forecast capacity utilization will be less than 60%, and therefore the application area shipments will be lower than the fourth quarter of 2008.
                          According to DisplaySearch forecast data show that in the first quarter of 2009, large-size TFT LCD shipments worldwide is expected to decline 10% over the fourth quarter of 2008; of which LCD monitors fell 9%, notebook PC is expected to decline 11%, while the LCD TV downtime 10 %, Only other applications (usually industrial products) have the opportunity to grow in the field.

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