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Company News >> China-made full flexible OLED display officially put into operation next year 23th,Mar,2017
                                       OLED is currently the world's most watched new display technology, all known as "active matrix organic light-emitting diode." Compared with the traditional LCD panel, OLED breakthroughs in the non-bending limitations, with a faster response, higher contrast, wider viewing angle and other characteristics, in the high-end mobile phones and a new generation of wearing display systems have a broad application prospects.
                              In August this year, BOE announced that it will mass production of China's first flexible display production line, the recent soft body official announced at the new conference, its full flexible display line will be officially put into production next year.
                              Soft Yu said that in October last year has been started in Shenzhen to build the work, the project investment of more than 10 billion, has not been public information, but the work continued to advance. This also marks the soft-yu has been the first international access to the full range of flexible display industry.
                              August 1, 2014, Soft Technology released the world's most thin, can be directly used in the field of smart phones color AMOLED flexible display, free curl telescopic, the thickness of only about 0.01 mm (ie 10 microns), less than the hair diameter And the shrinkage curl radius is less than 1 mm, smaller than the ballpoint pen. The technology refreshes the world record of the display area.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618