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Company News >> OLED panel output this year, up 42% OLED on behalf of LCD come true 25th,Mar,2017
                                            OLED panel output in 2011 increased by 42%. According to other media reports, Display Search analysis In the smart phone market, OLED display is expected in 2012 global shipments will be expected to reach 176.5 million, with sales of 5.93 billion US dollars, compared with 2011 sales increased 102 %, Shipments grew 117%, and further increased to 261 million by 2013.
                                 This shows that the industry in China's development of the entire information industry, there is an irreplaceable position, the state is it as an important strategic areas to develop. The next stage of the country under great strength to complete the layout of the entire industry, the next step will be perfect matching. "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Director of Electronic Information Division Diao Shijing recently held in the" China Beijing 2012 international flat panel display industry summit, "said.
                                 With the "second Five Year Plan" gradually in-depth, China's flat panel display industry has begun to take shape and get the attention of the global industry. Diao Shijing pointed out that only the manufacturing industry is strong, the industry can be strong, can really support a strong country. So the strategic position, the flat panel display industry is very important.
Compared with the current LCD technology, the use of OLED technology made by the display not only has a full color, fast response time, high brightness (100 ~ 14,000cd / m2), high lumen efficiency (16 ~ 38lm / W), 170 More than the general perspective, no general LCD blur, can be made into large size and flexible panel, in the range of -30 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius ... and other advantages, and the process is simple, the overall thickness can be reduced to 1mm below, the cost of only TFT-LCD 30 to 40%.
                                 "According to the different ways of its drive, OLED display can be subdivided into passive (PM-OLED) and active (ie, amplitude modulation OLED) two types of active process, although the complex and expensive, but because of their respective pixels are Can be continuous and independent drive, so long life, high efficiency, more suitable for large size, high-resolution full-color OLED products; the contrary, PM-OLED process is relatively simple, the cost is relatively low, but Because of the need for high pulse current operation, so the life is short, the resolution is limited, the application of small size panel products, such as mobile phones, MP3 players, car stereo sound ... and other consumer products is more suitable.
                                  According to the CCIDI forecast, the second half of this year, China's high-generation line of the Panda 6-generation line, the BOE 8.5 on behalf of the line, Huaxing Optoelectronics 8.5 generation line production capacity gradually increased, is expected throughout the year TFT-LCD device sales revenue will exceed 40 billion yuan , Panel business losses have improved. From the domestic TV panel procurement situation, BOE and Huaxing photoelectric total share is expected to further increase, more than 12%, LCD panel import and export deficit continued to fall. Although the recent industry situation has improved, but the industry faces difficulties and challenges did not pass.

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