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Company News >> Industrial chain coordination go hand in hand 7th,Jan,2017
                            In addition to the popularity of the consumer side, the OLED industry chain has become more mature. In the production line construction, LG Display, BOE, Huaxing photoelectric, Sharp, etc. have joined the OLED construction camp, investment in the 100 billion level.
                    This year in November, Skyworth together BOE, Haisi launched "China's first independent OLED TV", the use of independent research and development of BOE OLED screen. In the first half of this year, BOE in Mianyang, Sichuan invested 46.5 billion yuan to establish the sixth generation AMOLED production line; In addition, there are Ordos BOE 5.5 production line, Chengdu, two 6-generation line. According to Jingdong CSMO general manager of operations planning Wang Jin revealed that the future of Mianyang and Chengdu will become its flexible display industry manufacturing base, the company will be more committed to flexible display technology research .
                   Liu Tanggeng told reporters that Skyworth will launch in the middle of next year, China-made OLED TV, although the yield and production constraints, shipments will not be great; but do not underestimate this action, which is expected to greatly promote China's OLED industry development of.
                   "In the past in the field of LCD displays, domestic flat panel display manufacturers have been in catch-up position; in the OLED field, we are basically in the same starting line with international manufacturers." Liu Tong branch said, Skyworth OLED panel industry is seeking a good way, when the conditions are ripe Do not rule out the possibility of entering the OLED panel industry.In the rise of OLED at the same time, the LCD panel manufacturers capacity adjustment strategy has also brought unilateral LCD up market. Ovidom data show that from January to October 2016, global TV panel shipments fell 5%, resulting in full-size LCD panel prices from April 2016 so far there have been more than 50% of the increase, also Further stimulated the terminal manufacturers to enable the kinetic energy of OLED.
                    It is noteworthy that, as the industry benchmark Apple is also a fan of OLED. Allegedly, Apple has reached with the Samsung 2017 OLED screen supply agreement. Interviewed by industry sources, said, OLED if the iPhone 8 is used, then the popularity of OLED will have a qualitative improvement. In addition, the flexible features of OLED, for its future in the B2B applications, including smart car display, etc., provides a greater imagination.
                    In the development of the industry at the same time, OLED development policy and standard environment is also increasingly perfect. Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry in the "implementation of the major upgrading of the manufacturing sector package notice" has been clear, we should focus on the development of low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS), oxide (Oxide), organic light-emitting semiconductor display (AMOLED) and other next-generation display production technology , Construction of high-generation production lines. China's electronic video industry standards committee developed the "Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) TV General technical requirements" and "organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TV measurement method" two standards also recently released.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618