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Company News >> BOE and Huawei cooperation OLED panel for three reasons 5th,Apr,2017
                                           Some of the next generation iPhone models will be equipped with OLED screen, seems to have been a matter of course. South Korean media recently broke the news that Apple and Samsung are likely to have signed up to $ 2.6 billion OLED panel order agreement. Allegedly, Apple is expected to order from the Samsung monitor 75 million OLED screen, accounting for 14% of OLED screen output, Samsung Electronics will receive 56% of the screen, OPPO and vivo will guarantee 13% and 10% of the OLED screen share. In this regard, Samsung and Apple are not comment.
                                 If the news is true, Samsung, Apple, OPPO, vivo accounted for 93%, the remaining, has been quite limited. It is noteworthy that the brand mentioned in the above broke the news, not included in the 2016 and Samsung "court", the current Chinese mobile phone market as a "leading" Huawei.
                                 However, the recent news that Huawei and domestic panel makers BOE "cooperative research and development of the OLED screen has been mass production", however, Huawei and BOE official did not disclose the relevant news. However, in the author's view, Huawei is not involved in the field of panel motives and possible:

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618