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Company News >> South Korea's LCD panel (LCD) line of non-stop because the Chinese panel manufacturers too fierce 7th,Apr,2017
                                          China's red supply chain is too fierce, so that South Korean panel makers LG Display (LGD), Samsung Display can not stand, South Korea's LCD panel (LCD) line off non-stop!
South Korea's Central News Daily reported on the 14th, the South Korean panel industry tragic Chinese manufacturers chase, because the Chinese manufacturers cheap supply of small and medium size panels, resulting in production line has been unprofitable, so LGD / Samsung Display is located in South Korea's 19 panel production line There are six small and medium-sized panel production line was closed, and then estimated that there will be 2-3 production lines will be added to the ranks of discontinued.
                                LGD is located in South Korea's 11 panel production line (P1-P11), P1 has been converted into research and development purposes, and located in the Gyeongsangbondo Gumi of P2, P3 production line will stop production next year; P2, P3 Production lines were completed in 1997, 2000, the production of 3.5 generation, 4.0 generation LCD panel products. In addition, LGDP4 production line capacity to consider the production of OLED lighting panel, P5 production line has also been changed to produce flexible OLED panel.
                                In the Samsung Display part, which is located in South Korea's eight panel production lines (L1-L8), L1-L5 was closed before the end of last year; in the remaining three production lines, L6 production products in the last year From "amorphous silicon" to low temperature polysilicon (LTPS), and to LTPS technology, can produce high-resolution LCD panel or OELD panel, which can be said to avoid the line to stop production line The strategy adopted.
                                Reported that South Korea's domestic small and medium size panel production line is mainly closed by the Chinese manufacturers of the price offensive, small and medium size panel prices in the past 1 year, the average collapse of 40%, while the LGD / Samsung Display, although large-size LCD panel, OLED Panel manufacturers are still more advantages than the Chinese manufacturers, but because the Chinese manufacturers are also expanding large-size LCD panels, OLED panel production, so the advantage of the red supply chain beyond may also be only a matter of time.
                                Reported and pointed out that in order to resist the Chinese manufacturers in the pursuit of large-size panel, Samsung Electronics originally planned shares Sharp (Sharp) 10 plants, but failed to achieve.

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