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Company News >> Panel display technology diversification LCD is still the mainstream in the short term 8th,Apr,2017
                                             China in recent years, the color TV industry has emerged a new panel display technology and accelerate the iteration, set off a round of the industry climax. In this regard, Ovid Consulting (AVC), general manager of black power, said Dong Min, display technology "flourishing", to a certain extent, can create a better user experience, and promote the rapid development of the industry.
LCD LCD technology to show tenacious vitality
                                 From full HD to ultra-high-definition display technology, from "flat" to the unique surface display technology, LCD LCD technology showed a strong vitality.
2013 is the beginning of UHD, the Chinese mainland terminal sales only close to 900,000 units. Into the 2014, the screen factory to seize the opportunity to develop a comprehensive upgrade LCD TV resolution, a large-scale 4K to the market; in order to further enhance the quality, the screen factory also launched the 8K display panel, the overall layout of ultra-high-definition display. At present, with 4K TV coverage size and function of the increasingly rich, and the price is more close to the people, is expected to be the outbreak of UHD 2014 years. According to Ovid Consulting (AVC) forecast data show that in 2014 plans to ship to mainland China UHD panel will reach 13.9 million, UHD terminal sales is expected to exceed 10 million units.
                                Following the 2013 Sony released the first surface LCD TV to enter the public eye so far, there are many companies have launched a new surface TV. 4K is the current mainstream, but there are still live and content limitations, so that consumers may not be able to feel significant differences; In addition, the current LCD surface TV, just physical changes, does not involve a lot of technology across, At present, the main front panel manufacturers have the ability to launch the surface of the module, or the supply can bend the Open Cell to the machine manufacturers, and then by the machine manufacturers in the system side of the production of LCD TV surface. Therefore, the "surface TV" as a new trend to promote, will be a good marketing point.
                               Dong Min stressed that the size of the future development of surface TV focus is not on the technical, production capacity, and even the cost, but to be confirmed by the market to verify the degree of acceptance of consumers. In addition, taking into account the low surface rate of the screen, the price is expensive, display perspective and telepresence to improve the time, "is expected to surface TV development prospects remain to be seen."
                              The next generation of display technology is accelerating
                              OLED has been recognized as "the next generation of display technology", but because the technology is not mature enough, lower yield and other reasons, its current degree of development is more limited. Although some of the screen factory, such as SDC on the OLED conservative attitude, but there are still LGD manufacturers such as OLED confidence, not only in the production line planning, product planning actively layout, and through technical improvements, the yield from 40% to 70% about. At present, subject to the key technology, cost and other factors, panel scale applications and large-scale industrialization there is a long process. Ovid Consulting (AVC) predicts that 2014 global OLED panel shipments will reach 200,000. It is expected that the next 2-3 years will show OLED technology and the current mainstream TFT-LCD technology parallel state, there will be a turnaround in 2017, but the short term OLED can not replace the LCD TV.
                             Although the cold screen display appears in the LCD and OLED, but it has the screen is not dazzling, more clear picture quality, lower size with the price, TV more energy efficient, long life and other advantages, also showed a strong vitality. With the further advance of industrialization, technology and market maturity, cost reduction, especially the reduction of laser costs, laser TV applications in large venues will be greatly improved, generally into the family time will be shortened, is expected to need 5 To 10 years, when the current LCD industry will form a challenge.

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