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Company News >> Why did Sony become a follower of Skyworth OLED TV? 12th,Apr,2017
                                         OLED TV market this "Roman city", is becoming more and more lively. From Changhong to Konka, from LG to Philips, from Panasonic to Sony, more and more color TV brands will focus on the future market to invest in this new display technology color TV products. Among them, especially Sony's attitude towards OLED TV is the most dramatic change.
                               A few years ago, Sony is the world's first into the screen LCD TV products manufacturers, on the upgrading of LCD TV technology and then transformation, Sony is under the effort. In the LCD TV camp, Sony also has a general industry status and brand influence. At that time, I believe that not many industry or business manufacturers will think of Sony in just a few years from the LCD camp "defected" to the OLED camp.
                              This time Sony announced to enter the field of OLED organic TV and with the LG Department of joint, have to say is a major signal. Because once the world's color TV dominance Sony's attitude change, at least from the side confirmed the future of OLED TV has come, LCD TV camp is gradually differentiated.
The trend: LCD instead of CRT, OLED instead of LCD
                              OLED is what, many people already have a considerable understanding. Self-luminous, do not need backlight, low power consumption, ultra-thin comparable to stickers, weight greatly reduced, natural bending and so on are supporting the future of OLED TV outbreak of the basic elements.
In fact, from the perspective of market sales, color TV companies have overweight OLED TV's primary factor is that OLED TV prices have come near LCD TV pricing, and the future price is still very large space.
                               Imagine a similar price of the TV, the technology has been mature in the case, consumers are willing to choose the latest technology OLED TV products, or have chosen in the country has been popular for nearly a decade of LCD TV?
                               Of course, LCD TV is also constantly upgrading and transformation of technology, but compared with the new generation of OLED TV, LCD TV upgradeable space is much smaller than OLED TV. To screen technology, for example, OLED TV in this area of ​​upgrading and growth has just begun, and LCD TV is almost over.
                                This is what people often say that the general trend, history dictates. Cenozoic OLED TV may now have a variety of problems, but this is only common to all new generation products. Good things more grinding, good products also need a long polished, when the LCD TV just universal, there are also many difficult problems.
                                With the passage of time, then those problems have long been difficult to solve and no longer exist. Therefore, OLED TV to replace the LCD TV is only a matter of time, the industry trend is not a certain or some color TV manufacturers will be transferred.

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