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Company News >> Lighting market in 2017 OLED display will become the protagonist 22th,Apr,2017
                                     Lighting has been considered to be a very slow development of the industry until the 1990s, the emergence of LED, OLED, was officially opened the prelude to the development of modern lighting. Since then, OLED lighting in the global lighting market share began to grow year by year, according to IDTechEX estimates, 2026 OLED lighting market will reach 15 billion yuan (about 2.2 billion USD).
                            In the OLED lighting market, OLED screen nearly two years in the market developed wind and water. OLED, or organic light-emitting diode (abbreviation: OLED), also known as organic electroluminescent display (English: Organic Electroluminescence Display, abbreviation: OELD), organic light-emitting semiconductors.
                            OLED and AMOLED and PMOLED. , The current mainstream smartphone is used on the AMOLED, AMOLED with self-luminous characteristics, so this screen does not require backlight board, which can make the screen thinner and more power. From the terminal manufacturers to give the data, LCD screen thickness of 0.6 ~ 0.8mm, and AMOLED thickness can be 0.3mm. Which for the pursuit of the ultimate thin smart phone industry, it is very attractive. Moreover, AMOLED screen also has a wider gamut, almost infinite contrast, faster response speed and so on.
                            Not to mention the unique luminous principle of OLED, whether it is already mass production of hyperbolic screen mobile phone, or quite the concept of science and technology nature of the flexible mobile phone, AMOLED technology in which the role played are very heavy. And because of the advantages of low delay, AMOLED is also conducive to the future combination of mobile phones and VR. As a result, many industry people have said that OLED is the future of display technology.
                             In fact, according to IHS Markit statistics, it is estimated that the soft display will account for 3.8% of the total shipments of the display in 2017. IHS Markit pointed out that since the Chinese brand ViVO and millet in 2016 launched a flexible active organic light emitting diode display (Flexible AMOLED Display) the first smart phone, so many other manufacturers also plan to develop, you can fold or Flexible or bilateral curved smart phone design.
                             In particular, since Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone using the flexible AMOLED display in 2017, this will greatly drive the demand for flexible AMOLED panels. The soft AMOLED display screen will account for 20% of total shipments of the OLED display screen in 2017.
                             In the traditional display areas, OLED display yield has been greatly improved. It is understood that the current 55-inch full HD OLED TV panel yield has been a breakthrough, LG Display spokesman announced that 4K ultra-high-definition OLED panel also yield 80%. This means that large-screen OLED and LCD panel yield has been almost the same. With the continuous improvement of the past two years, OLED panel in the yield will no longer at a disadvantage, compared with the LCD module cost advantage will be further developed.
                             In fact, OLED panel yield significantly increased only two years, is the history of technology to show the fastest speed of a technology, its development speed is beyond the reach of the LCD panel. Only from the yield on the OLED and LCD for comparison, the LCD panel in the early development rate of less than 50%, 80% of the normal yield level before and after experienced a decade.
To the development of OLED blowout point of view, the speed of its industrial chain layout is also much faster than the original layout of the LCD panel. At present, South Korea LGD TV in the big screen to achieve breakthrough progress, and China's large-screen OLED panel industry line is also close to mature.
                             Last month, BOE and Skyworth, Huawei Haisi jointly launched the first domestic OLED TV, marking the layout of China's large-screen OLED industry chain completed. And Huaxing photoelectric new 11-generation line also clear the layout of large-screen OLED share. Originally in the display technology to maintain the leading Japanese companies are also seize the industrial layout, JDI and JOLED capacity for the expansion of the purpose is to catch up with the lead in the pace of China and South Korea. Industry analysts said that any new alternative industries, the sooner the more into the city to occupy more resources and initiative.
                             Conclusion: In the small size OLED display boom today, we should not ignore the OLED technology in the field of large-screen display potential, only the OLED display technology is limited to mobile phones, flat or TV field. Because both large-screen splicing, headset, or special display areas, OLED display technology has a good prospect, which is the corresponding field to achieve large-screen effect of the priority. If a few years ago to observe the OLED technology, there are still unknown future situation, and now competing in the enterprises of various countries, OLED display technology will usher in another spring, which in all display areas set off a storm of innovation.

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