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Company News >> Want to compete with Samsung? LG has made preparations for mass production of OLED panels 6th,May,2017
                                      With the development of science and technology, mobile phone screen and TV screen have evolved into a flexible OLED screen. Samsung has done a good job before the full production of OLED panel preparation, as a competitor LG to be outdone. Recently, according to ZDNet reported, LG Display has done a mass production of plastic OLED panel (POLED) preparation.
                              It is reported that through the use of plastic materials POLED panel flexibility and flexibility can be greatly improved, in order to make this technology can be widely applied to a number of products, such as smart phones, watches and cars, etc., LG has long been POLED Production has invested billions of dollars in funding. There are related reports that LG will be shipped in the first half of 2017 POLED panel partners. Although LG did not disclose what customers, but according to previous reports can confirm that LG has earlier been with some car manufacturers reached a deal.
                              Looking at the current market with OLED panel-related products, in the field of mobile phones are the most used, Samsung, vivo and so launched the market-oriented OLED screen mobile phone, and in the consumer community has made a good response. Although the field of television is also involved, but because of large-screen OLED panel performance instability, production difficulties and other factors have not been a large number of applications. However, the response in the field of mobile phones seems to accelerate the process of OLED panel production.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618