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Company News >> Demand for large-size LCD panel prices is expected to stabilize 13th,Jan,2017
                         It is estimated that the price of large LCD panels will remain at current levels, and in April-June 2009 period of steady development.
                  The average wholesale price for a 32-inch LCD TV panel is $ 170, the same as the price range at the beginning of the year. The 17-inch computer screen panel, it is 4% higher than a month ago. In contrast, the two products from the beginning (2008) the beginning of the summer half year, prices are plunged 50%.
                  Panel makers want to curb the decline, thus significantly reducing production, some factories cut the number of even as high as 70%. South Korean panel makers LG Display Co. (034220-KR) and Samsung Electronics Co. (066570-KR) both cut production by 30%. Japan's panel to follow up late, but in late 2008 and finally follow-up cut.
                  Japan panel plant will ease in April-June cut the number, it is estimated should not result in an oversupply of the panel market. Market research company BCN Inc. observed sales of LCD TVs in Japan from March 1 to 25, and found an increase of 35.5% compared to the same period last year. The rate of increase in February was 30%.
                   In China, the government's stimulus package includes subsidies to consumers to buy electronic products, so that Japan-made small LCD TV demand.
                   According to the Taiwan panel industry leader AU Optronics, orders from mainland TV manufacturers have been growing since December. Samsung also mentioned a pick-up in panel demand from China. US TV sales are also beginning to stabilize.
                   But despite the above factors, LCD panel price recovery process is still difficult. According to market research firm DisplaySearch forecast panel makers in the second quarter capacity utilization will be 75%. 15% higher than the first quarter, but still relatively low.

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