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Company News >> OLED display ready to go to the panel industry gold five years 23th,June,2017
                                               At present, the global display industry and market situation have undergone profound changes, showing the development of the industry into the key nodes, LCD display technology is the transition to OLED display technology, but also accompanied by the development of display technology diversified features. As a display of industrial enterprises in a member, how to identify the industry development node, to achieve their own transformation and upgrading, the future and then innovation, is every enterprise to achieve sustainable development of the key.
                                    High-generation production capacity of low-generation production capacity has been eliminated
                                    According to the global mainstream panel manufacturers turnover statistics, 2014 to 2015 global TFT-LCD LCD panel turnover of over 100 billion US dollars. Which in 2015 the mainstream panel plant output value reached 100.3 billion US dollars, by the panel price fluctuations and exchange rate fluctuations, the overall turnover fell 4%. Forecast 2016 global mainstream panel plant turnover will reach 101.88 billion US dollars, a slight increase of 1.6% in 2015. Among them, China's Taiwanese manufacturers and Japanese manufacturers fell year on year; Korean manufacturers grew slightly; China's mainland panel mills BOE, Huaxing photoelectric and Tianma turnover have increased.
                                    From the global display panel production capacity, the world has officially opened a new production line with expansion of the production line a total of 25, which contains five 6-generation OLED production line and a 4.5-generation OLED production line, the remaining 19 Are LCD production capacity. LCD production line includes a 5 generation LCD production line, 7 6 generation LTPS production line, 6 G8.5 on behalf of the line (of which 4 is the expansion of production capacity), 4 G8.6 on behalf of the line, a G10. 5 generation super high generation line.
                                   Has been opened in the production line, 21 are concentrated in the Chinese mainland, with five OLED production lines and 16 LCD production line, the next three years, the global panel production capacity to focus on the Chinese mainland, China's panel capacity Will increase rapidly. China mainland region, only 2016 has eight lines have been mass production or about production, 2017 there are five lines will be mass production, and 2018 there are eight new production line is about to mass production, which BOE's 10.5 generation Ultra-high generation line plan in 2018 began mass production, driven by China's mainland panel production capacity showed a substantial increase. It is expected that by 2017 China's LCD panel production capacity will reach 88.376 million square meters, more than South Korea and China Taiwan region to become the world's largest LCD panel production capacity of the region, the follow-up will be expected to maintain the longest global capacity of the largest regional, and Japan, South Korea and China Taiwan The pace of construction slowed down, or even stagnant.
                                  In recent years, TFT-LCD display device industry development by leaps and bounds, production capacity showed polarization trend. One side is the low generation line of old equipment production capacity is gradually eliminated by the market, Korean factory, etc. have been closed down the production capacity of low generation line. The other side has been a new production line put into operation, mainly concentrated in the Chinese mainland to G8.5 generation on behalf of the ultra-high generation line of new production capacity in succession, driven G8.5 generation line capacity continued to grow. From the generation line, the 7-generation line and the following production capacity of the production line showed a decreasing trend, mainly because Samsung (SDC) and other manufacturers have eliminated 7 generation and 5 generation of old production capacity caused by area growth. Samsung (SDC) closed a 5-generation line in the fourth quarter of 2015 and has decided to close one of the 7-generation lines by the end of 2016. And high generation line production capacity showed significant growth, especially in mainland China panel factory BOE and Huaxing photoelectric in recent years to actively expand the G8.5 generation line panel capacity, driven G8.5 generation capacity area showing year after year double-digit high-speed growth. From 2014 to 2016, G8.5 generation basically maintained an annual rate of 12% to 13% increase. Looking to the future, still maintain high-generation production capacity of high-speed, low-generation production capacity has been gradually out of the trend. China Panel Factory CEC and HKC actively planning G8.6 on behalf of the line, at the same time, to BOE and Huaxing photo, led by the mainland China panel factory, will enter the G10.5 super high generation line, driven by high generation line capacity continued to grow.

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