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Company News >> LCD panel prices are supported? 8.6 generation capacity out of difficult to solve the supply shortage? 26th,June,2017
                                                   The second quarter of this year, Taiwan and South Korea in the industry on behalf of the 8-generation LCD (LCD) panel plant put into operation, the outside world worried about the increase in supply, the impact of panel prices. However, experts pointed out that the occasion of the increase in supply, the old production line also after decommissioning, the impact on the price of the panel, perhaps not imagined terrible.

Korean media etnews reported on the 19th, the public to buy large-size TV, Sharp (Sharp) suddenly stop the supply of Samsung Electronics, resulting in large supply of large-scale panel shortage, the industry competing to expand production. Group is located in Kaohsiung's 8.6 factory, put into operation earlier this year, can produce 45,000 to 50,000 per month panel. South Korea panel plant LG Display (LGD) on the Guangzhou plant in China for the second phase of investment, the monthly production capacity will increase by 50,000. China Factory Beijing Oriental 8-generation line factory "B10", will produce 75,000 per month, the beginning of next year after the completion of the second phase of investment, production capacity will increase to 240,000 per month.
Compared to the 8.5 generation (2,250 x 2,600 mm) and 8.5 generation (2,250 x 2,500 mm), more large size panels can be cut. To 50-inch panel, for example, 8.6 inch factory can cut 8, 8.5 inches for 6. 58-inch panel gap is greater, 8.6-inch factory can cut 6, 8.5 plants only 3. Experts predict that, despite the increase in supply, still can not completely solve the shortage problem, this is because the end of this year and the beginning of this year, Taiwan and South Korea have eliminated the old production line, and the end of this year there may be more old factory decommissioning, one by one after the increase in supply The situation may not be as severe as expected. Experts also said that TV manufacturers to reduce the TV sales target, the impact on the panel price, better than the increase in supply.
The global panel industry are currently actively pulled up the tenth generation of LCD panels and OLED capital expenditures, while the offer has begun to face downward pressure, Bernstein Securities warned that the industry outlook is probably not very good prospects.
Barron`s. According to a report released on June 7, Bernstein published a research note that the capacity growth of the panel industry in 2017 was quite moderate, but with the addition of capacity at the G10 LCD panel and OLED, the supply will increase significantly in 2018 and 2019. Not only that, the TV panel and TV shipments gap, I am afraid in the next few quarters will be more and more big, so the current offer is strong TV panel, the next few months there will be reversed doubts. This also means that the stock has pushed up the risk, may impact the price plummeted.
The report said that the panel industry's gross margin is probably in Q16 or 2017 Q1 Q1, 2018 should be conservative view, the value of panel stocks and the ability to create cash flow worse, means that the stock may fall further. The securities set the rating of LG Display, AUO and Qunzhi to "outperform".

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