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Company News >> LCD market becomes saturated LGD borrow OLED out of the Red Sea 14th,Jan,2017
                                The future, OLED will change the display industry rules, unified display market. "October 27, LG Display OLED Division Lu Xiangde announced in Beijing, the company's OLED strategic plan.According to its disclosure, the current LGD OLED production rate has been stable to maintain more than 80%, and to ensure a monthly 10 More than 10,000 production capacity.At the same time, through continuous production line investment, plans to increase production capacity in 2017 to more than 2 million in 2018 to further expand to 2.7 million.
                        Previously, according to South Korea OLED professional market analysis agency UBI Research latest report pointed out that although the OLED TV prices still higher than the LCD TV about twice, but in the US consumer research report of the best television survey, OLED TV has gone beyond the LCD TV, get the market recognition. Especially in the global enterprise competition intense high-end TV market, OLED TV has been the trust of consumers, OLED market is accelerating to expand.
                        In China, including Skyworth, Konka, Changhong and LG Electronics and other TV manufacturers have launched OLED TV products, in addition, starting in September of this year, Philips also launched OLED TV in China, compete for high-end market.
                        According to Ovid Cloud (AVC) push the total data show that the third quarter of this year, the color TV market retail sales of 11.95 million units, an increase of 8.9%; retail sales fell 5.9% to 35.3 billion. At the same time, by the constant impact of the Internet brand, traditional brands are committed to seeking new growth points, and began to move to high-value market. Lu Xiangde predicted that 3 years, 50% of the global high-end TV market will be occupied by the OLED.
                        LCD gradually saturated
                        It is understood that, as the mainstream display technology, LCD at the beginning of the 21st century has experienced an unprecedented high-speed growth period, from 2011 onwards, showing the market began to weaken the growth momentum, panel manufacturers sales growth in negative growth, more intense competition among manufacturers.
                        At the same time, show the topic of the industry from the "growth" and "speed" gradually transferred to the "profit" and "efficiency": in panel production and market development, such as BOE and Huaxing photoelectric Chinese panel manufacturers are actively investing 10 generations Of the LCD production line to accelerate the expansion of productivity in the market, China has surpassed North America to become the world's largest TV market, consumer acceptance of new technologies faster, as the 3D and UHD and other new products in the battleground .
                       "In this era of transition to the display system, Chinese manufacturers in order to be able to better achieve the rise of the display, but also continue to look for new technology platform as a basis for competition in the market, to jump out of the LCD Red Sea, OLED is the only way out. LCD TV market has become saturated in recent years, from 2014 to 2020, the average annual growth rate of only 1.4%, "said Li Tinghan, vice president of OLED sales at LGD.
                       "Second, LCD TV prices continue to decline to TV and panel makers have brought pressure on revenue, and consumers of new, differentiated products continue to pursue, which are the development of OLED TV significance." Li Tinghan predicted that in 2018 OLED TV Will be expected to account for more than 50% of high-end market.
                         Investment Advisor issued the "2016-2020 OLED industry in China in-depth research and investment prospects forecast report" shows that "OLED itself has the display performance advantages and environmental protection and energy saving features go in the forefront of the development of color TV industry, with OLED TV technology research and development The maturity of production capacity and price space to explore the key issues such as a breakthrough, OLED TV will become the mainstream consumer market, the display technology.
In 2017, the OLED market is expected to double the growth; to 2018, the TV as the core of the large-size OLED screen market will be fully launched; the next 10 years, OLED products is expected to account for the proportion of the total display market Of 30 to 40%.
                         Skyworth Vice President Li Haiying on the 21st Century Business Herald reporter said Skyworth OLED TV this year, sales target is 20 million units. In addition, he also disclosed in 2017 Skyworth will launch Wall paper OLED TV.
By OLED breakout
                         Ovay cloud that the current TV market, the technical hot spots are UHD (high definition), HDR (high dynamic range), HCG (high color gamut), the expected HFR (high frame rate) and HQS (high quality) TV product upgrades the next opportunity to point to the formation of 5H-based high-end products camp.
                         It is understood that the current TV market has formed the basic OLED and quantum dot display technology camps, the former to LGD, Skyworth and other manufacturers as the representative, and TCL, Hisense and so choose the power of sub-points and ULED. Due to the high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut and viewing angle, low power consumption, thinner and more flexible, OLED is far ahead of other display technology, but the service life and large-size panel yield problems, OLED prices in the difficult situation.
                         A Skyworth sales staff told reporters that a 55-inch Skyworth OLED TV terminal price of about 1.4 million, once the OLED screen is bad will be 8,000 yuan, and generally only full-screen replacement, it is difficult to repair.
                        For the current OLED problems, Lu said, LGD from the production, sales, customer, quality four aspects of the completion of the OLED TV for all the preparations. According to its disclosure, as of September this year, LGD OLED panel total sales of 1 million.
                        "OLED is leading the market in the High End market in China, North America, Europe, etc. Especially in the North American market, the 55-inch OLED TV accounts for 77% of the high-end market of more than 2000 US dollars, 65-inch OLED TV is over 3000 USD Of the market accounted for up to 74%. "Lu Xiangde stressed that the current OLED products in terms of quality, has reached the average family to use 17 years will not be any problem level. "In the very strict quality requirements of Germany and Japan, companies have recognized the perfect picture quality OLED TV and quality."
                        September 9 this year, held in Germany IFA home appliances show, including Skyworth, Changhong, Philips, Meizi, Panasonic, LG and other global 9 companies are fully demonstrated its OLED products. According to Lee Ting-han revealed that currently listed OLED TV or upcoming companies in addition to LG Electronics, including Philips, Denmark's Bang & Olufsen, Turkey's Vestel, Germany's Loewe and Meizi, and China's Skyworth, Changhong, Konka, Japan's Matsushita and so on more than 10 enterprises, of which only this year there are five new European companies to join or will soon join. "OLED TV is expected to universal access." Li Tinghan said.

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