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Company News >> BOE together to develop high-performance OLED panel products 3rd,July,2017
                                               Idemitsu Kosan Co., a leading global developer of OLED materials, today announced that it has reached a basic consensus with BOE (BOE), China's largest LCD panel factory, to conduct strategic cooperation in OLED business to develop high-performance OLED panel products.
In particular, the light will be based on the needs of BOE, R & D / provide high-performance OLED materials to the BOE, to strengthen the two sides in the field of OLED (OLED), OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, OLED, Cooperation, enhance the two sides of the product and market competitiveness.
Nikkei news reports, in the OLED panel indispensable blue light-emitting materials, the light has a large number of their own patents; the other hand, BOE Founder research and development, plans to build a number of factories in China OLED panel production, and this Times plan to hand in hand to speed up the establishment of OLED panel production technology.
Light is currently being supplied with OLED materials to LG Display (LGD), Samsung use, which has a bright light and LG has a strong relationship between the two sides have signed an OLED-related patent licensing contract, and because of the future demand for OLED panels will expand, so the future Consider expanding cooperation with various panel manufacturers.
The first 6-generation flexible AMOLED production line, the BOE A Chengdu 6-generation flexible AMOLED production line has been officially put into production, the design capacity of 48,000 per month glass substrate, located in the high-end mobile phone display And emerging mobile display and other products. In addition, BOE also in December last year in Mianyang, Sichuan to build a 6-generation flexible OLED production line, planned capacity of 48,000 per month glass substrate (glass substrate size 1850mm × 1500mm), is expected to achieve mass production in 2019 The
It is understood that Apple (Apple) is discussing OLED panel supply with BOE, may be available to the advent of the advent of 2018 crazy. Apple has been tested on the BOE OLED panel for several months, but has not decided whether to let the BOE become a supplier.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618