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Company News >> DisplaySearch announces Q1 large size LCD panel shipments report 7th,July,2017
                                         According to DisplaySearch recently released the world's large size (10 inches or more) TFT LCD panel quarterly shipments report that the first quarter of 2008 global LCD TV panel shipments reached 25.1 million, down 11% over the previous quarter, compared with the same period last year Up 61%; Notebook PC panel shipments in the first quarter of 33 million, up 2% from the previous quarter, compared with the same period last year increased by 44%; and LCD Monitor shipments in the first quarter reached 49.7 million, A slight increase from the previous quarter 1%, compared with the same period last year increased by 29%.
    At the same time DisplaySearch statistics in the first quarter of 2008, 2.8 million LCD Monitor panel is used in smaller size LCD TV, which 19 inches and 22 inches wide screen as the main application size.
    From the shipment amount, the size of the global large-size panel shipments in the first quarter of 2008 was $ 20.9 billion, down 9% from the previous quarter and 61% from the same period last year. From the panel manufacturers shipping amount, South Korea's Samsung Electronics (Samsung) accounted for 23.6% of the world's shipping amount to become shipping champion, South Korea LG Electronics (LG Display) and China Taiwan AU Optronics (AUO) were 19.5% 19.2% market share ranked second and third.
    As for the top three shipments of the ups and downs were as follows, Samsung shipments market share from the fourth quarter of 2007, 23.4% rose 0.2% to 23.6% this quarter, LG Display was slightly lower than the previous quarter 0.2 % To 19.5%, AUO also fell slightly by 0.5% over the previous quarter. Followed by the fourth-ranked manufacturers are Chi Mei Electronics (CMO), market share of 13.5, fifth for Sharp (Sharp), market share of 7.7%. From the shipping amount of view, the first quarter of the top five manufacturers shipped the amount of 83.6% share, compared with 83.3% in the fourth quarter of 2007 rose slightly 0.3%.
    From the number of shipments, Samsung to 22.9 million shipments and 20.5% market share in the first quarter shipments champion, followed by AUO to 22.3 million and 20% market share in hot pursuit, ranked third LG Display, the first quarter shipments of 2210 million, the market share was 19.8%, CMO to 15.7 million shipments and 14% market share ranked fourth, Sharp was 5 million shipments and 4.5% market share ranked fifth. The total number of the top five manufacturers shipments accounted for 78.9%, up 0.7% over the previous quarter.
    According to DisplaySearch Greater China general manager Xie Qinyi observed that the first quarter LCD TV panel demand fell in addition to seasonal demand due to low, but also by the global economic downturn. However, relatively stable shipments of Notebook PC and LCD Monitor panels indicate that IT market applications are still healthy and well maintained, especially in developing countries. Global large-size LCD panel shipments in the second quarter are expected to grow 5% under the continued demand for LCD Monitor and Notebook PC. At the same time as the LCD TV panel prices continue to decline in April, and front-line LCD TV brand manufacturers will also begin to prepare inventory for price promotions activities, in these factors to stimulate the LCD TV panel shipments expected to continue to increase.
    And from the application areas do not look at manufacturers shipments, on the LCD Monitor panel shipments (including the application of LCD TV Monitor panel), CMO to 845 million to become the field of shipping champion, LG Display is 9.96 million into Notebook PC panel shipments champion, AUO is LCD TV and other applications double cargo shipping champion, the first quarter shipments were 5.6 million and 1.2 million. AUO and beyond Sharp to become the world's other applications (Others Application) panel shipments champion. At the same time CMO out of the LCD Monitor panel to TV manufacturers as 19W and 22W and other LCD TV panel use, the first quarter shipments of 1.1 million.
    According to the application field and size market trends, the main application size in the LCD Monitor panel is still 19 inches (with wide screen), accounting for 41.8% of the market, and 17 inches (with wide screen) and 22 inches (including width Screen) with 25% and 14% market share in the second and third; in Notebook PC panel, 15.4-inch widescreen reached a record high, accounting for all Notebook panel up to 53%, the next application size of 14.1 inches (Including wide screen), market share of 24%; in the LCD TV panel, according to DisplaySearch statistics show 32-inch LCD TV panel for the first time more than 40% market share, 40 inches and above the market share of 28% Compared with 29% market share in the previous quarter fell 1%; as other applications of panel shipments, mainly for 12.1 inches and 15-inch industrial and POS machines applications.
    In addition, it is worth noting that the Full HD resolution LCD TV panel continues to grow, the first quarter of 2008 Full HD resolution panel shipments have reached 24% of all LCD TV panel ratio, up 2% over the fourth quarter; In the 40-inch and above size LCD TV panel, Full HD LCD TV panel is up to 64% market share; the first quarter 32-inch Full HD LCD TV panel shipments are quite strong, with more than 50 million shipments, Become one of the growth of high-end television market.

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