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Company News >> AMOLED panel low cost LCD industry development encounter 8th,July,2017
                                              With the AMOLED mobile phone panel production yield gradually increased, affecting the AMOLED panel and TFT LCD panel between the cost gap is being reduced, in the long term, AMOLED panel production costs are expected to reduce the current, to show the threat of TFT LCD camp strength.
In fact, as Samsung continues to expand the layout of the global mobile phone market, in addition to effective play foundry, IC packaging and testing economies of scale advantages, but also to promote the AMOLED panel to take advantage of the sky, has been a small threat to the TFT LCD camp.
At present, AMOLED panel cost is higher than TFT LCD panel, the cost gap between the two sides of about 10 to 20%, however, with the rapid increase in AMOLED panel yield, according to NPD DisplaySearch predicted that in the next 2 years, AMOLED mobile phone panel production costs Is expected to be lower than the LCD panel.
Zoom in AMOLED panel Samsung Electronics to become the best choice for high-end product line, Samsung Electronics also led AMOLED panel visibility in the global market increased significantly. Fu Shi Min photo
In the early days, AMOLED panels were expected to be less costly than LCDs because they did not require backlighting and many optical and color filters, but the cost of AMOLED panels was consistently higher than that of LCD panels due to low manufacturing margins The
However, due to the high color saturation of the AMOLED panel, the contrast is relatively good, and the thickness is relatively thin, AMOLED panel has become a high-end products, and with the recent production yield improvement, NPD DisplaySearch AMOLED panel is expected to be more widely used Smartphone product line.
Until recently, AMOLED panel production has some breakthrough, and a long time OLED-related industry chain seems to be facing difficulties, and AMOLED yield breakthrough will bring significant improvement. NPD DisplaySearch that if AMOLED panel costs can be lower than the LCD, then this will bring OLED display industry chain industry more opportunities and opportunities to improve the competitiveness of the LCD panel, but also for consumers to bring more select.
For example, the cost difference between the current 5-inch AMOLED panel and the LCD phone panel is about 16%. However, when the AMOLED panel production yield reaches 90%, the cost of the AMOLED panel is expected to be lower than the LCD OLED material production costs, the yield can be reduced and will not have much impact.

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