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Company News >> TV panel technology comparison: LCD, OLED and plasma who can win? 8th,July,2017
                                          The current TV panel technology is mainly divided into plasma, LED LCD, as well as new OLED. OLED is one of the manufacturers focus on publicity, LCD sales of the highest, and plasma is the majority of TV critics heart love.
So which of the three panels which is the best? For those who intend to buy TV, it should be waiting for OLED, or in the plasma before the death of a purchase, or in the countless LED LCD which choose? Technology website CNET recently on the author of this issue:
First come to the terminology.
LCD TV from the size of dozens to 90 inches range, each TV manufacturers have their own LCD products. And all the "LED TV" is actually LCD TV, but they use the LED as a backlight. So the text of the LCD can also be seen as LED.
OLED current price at $ 9,000, only 55 inches a screen size, the choice of brand only Samsung and LG.
Samsung and LG also produced plasma TV (unfortunately, Panasonic has been out), the size of these products in the screen between 42 inches to 65 inches.
In addition you may have heard of the "4K" super clear this concept, but this refers only to the resolution. At present, only LCD can achieve 4K resolution.

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