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Company News >> August large-size LCD panel shipments reached 60.94 million 13th,July,2017
                                                Market research firm NPDDisplaySearch latest large-size panel shipments Monthly pointed out that since entering since 2014, large-size panel shipments continued to grow, following the June hit a record high of 12.64 million square meters since the record area in July to maintain 1,258 Million square meters of shipments area, and in August the world's large size LCD panel shipments hit a new high, for the first time broke through a single month 13 million square meters, reaching 13.36 million square meters, compared with April 2013 13.14 million square meters shipments Grow 18%.
Due to the downstream store after the second quarter to buy the peak after the inventory adjustment, which led to the July 2014 panel shipments fell in August after the face of the panel continued to face a shortfall after the resumption of growth momentum. In August 2014, the world's large-size LCD panel shipments reached 60.94 million, up 6% from July.
In the case of the product category, the LCDMonitor panel grew 2% in August 2014, with mainstream sizes such as 19.5, 21.5, 24 and 27 inches, and 20 inches and more Of the liquid crystal display panel monthly shipments, but also from July to 870 million to grow to 9 million, representing the trend of large-size mobile LCD display.
Laptop (NB) panel shipments grew from 16 million in July to 17.3 million in August. Monthly shipments grew 8% and returned to the level of 17 million units per month in the second quarter. Notebook panel panel shipments in June 2014 shipments reversed, especially in South Korea's LGDisplay transfer capacity to produce more smart phone panels, and Taiwan's group continued to maintain a single month after 4 million shipments; Since June 2014 for the first time beyond the South Korean LGDisplay become the world's top notebook computer shipments, in July and August group maintained its NB panel shipments leading position.
But at the same time South Korea's Samsung (Samsung) for the first time to reach a single month NB panel shipments surpassed 3.4 million, and beyond the AUO. In addition, China's BOE also began to use the 8-generation line production NB panel and made the main brand certification, shipments increased significantly in August 2014 shipments for the first time exceeded 1 million single month. In the NB panel demand is higher than the beginning of the year and panel prices are expected to continue to rise under the situation, panel manufacturers compete with each other more violent.
The same time as the above-
August 2014 Large-size panel shipments and growth rates (in millions)
Large-size panel shipments of the biggest bright spot from the LCD TV (LCDTV) panel market, LCDTV panel shipments in August reached 22 million, 5% growth in July, compared with a substantial growth of 12% over the same period last year. While the August 4K2K panel shipments and for the first time more than 2.3 million single-month, accounting for all LCDTV panel shipments of 10%.
NPDDisplaySearch Greater China president Xie Qinyi said: "4K2K TV panel, in August 2014, the Taiwan panel and the Korean panel shipments are all about one million Korea panel factory in the global market to promote high-end 4K and the Chinese market To promote the RGBW4 color 4K under the two sides of the strategy, the shipments since the beginning of the year has been greatly improved, the Taiwan panel factory to form a threat and LGDisplay in Guangzhou began to start the eight-generation line is expected to target the Chinese market RGBW4 color 4K TV panel Especially for the Chinese market to promote 49 inches and 55 inches and other large size.
Xie Qinyi pointed out that with the Chinese mainland BOE Hefei eight generations of the line also gradually improve the 4K panel yield, and since September towards the target of 100,000 per month 4K panel above the output of the above; China mainland China Star Optoelectronics also continued to each Month 200,000 4K panel shipments forward; in other words, in the LCDTV panel supply and demand continued tension at the same time; the overall 4K panel in the specifications and yield on the competition will be more intense.
With the 2010 LCD TV market size competition from the 32-inch market to about 40-inch market, as well as 4K2K TV, surface TV and other market hot spots for 50 inches and above large-size LCD TV demand driven, the shipping area growth will be To become the mainstream of the large-size panel market in 2014, and may be faced with a certain extent this year due to mainland China several new 8-generation line capacity gradually out of the excess capacity brought about by the pressure.

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