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Company News >> LG Display and Samsung reached LCD panel supply agreement: the end of the hostile state 4th,Feb,2017
                                 Informed sources, LG Display has reached an agreement with Samsung Electronics, the fastest will be later this year, Samsung TV LCD panel supply.
                        The source said, LG Display will replace the joint venture between Foxconn and Sharp, Samsung LCD TV panel suppliers. Currently, LG Display is Apple's main LCD panel suppliers.
Mid-month reports that Sharp and Foxconn have made a decision to stop through its joint venture for the supply of Samsung TV LCD panel. The reason is under the control of Foxconn, Sharp plans to begin in April 2018 fiscal year, the global television sales doubled to more than 10 million units.
                         Earlier this month, sources said, Samsung is negotiating with the LG Display to discuss its supply of TV LCD panel matters. Subsequently, Samsung TV business director Kim Hyun-suk also confirmed that the two companies are serious and serious negotiations.
                         LG Display doubled operating profit in the fourth quarter: LCD panel prices as the main cause
This time, LG Display and Samsung in the field of LCD panel cooperation is the first time. For a long time, the two companies have maintained a competitive state, never used the other side of the LCD panel.
                         The source said the current joint venture between Foxconn and Sharp to provide up to 400 million a year Samsung LCD panels, but also for the Chinese manufacturers supply products. Informed sources also said, LG Display will supply up to 3 million this year, Samsung LCD panel.
                         At the same time, Samsung's Samsung Display has cut the LCD panel production, turning to the next generation of panels (OLED panel). It is reported that Samsung has begun to contact with Apple, plans to supply OLED panels for the iPhone.
Samsung has filed an arbitration with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) for a $ 492 million compensation from Sharp and two other panel makers to compensate for the loss of LCD panel supply, as Sharp ceased supply of LCD panels.

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