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Company News >> The Development Path of OLED Industry from the Dispute between LCD and PDP 6th,Feb,2017
                                  Smart phone innovation difficult, OLED alternative market demand to start
With the gradual maturity of the smart phone products, in the existing products on the difficulty of major innovations continue to increase. Samsung OLED screen has a wide color gamut, low energy consumption, the advantages of light products, especially the curved screen products Galaxy S7 Edge has a unique product appearance and UI design potential, making OLED smart phones become an important direction of innovation. OLED will gradually replace the existing LCD family products (TFT, In-cell), and gradually become the mainstream high-end market, especially in the future iPhone will further promote the use of OLED industry trends established.
VR, intelligent hardware to open the OLED innovation needs
                         OLED display technology with low latency, easy to flexible features, and VR, intelligent hardware technology demands the same, is the future VR, intelligent hardware product development is an important driving force to effectively solve the existing product technology bottlenecks, the relevant market further Mature and killer product launch will become the leveraging OLED market demand for the outbreak of an important driving force, but also to promote the OLED industry, materials and technology innovation to seek the greatest impetus.
AMOLED technology open higher, more powerful industry, is expected to copy the LCD successful path
                          LCD display in the rise and popularization process, the state-level industrial forces continue to promote the competitiveness of the industry is to build an important reason, resulting in the LCD display in the United States, Sheng Yu Japan, South Korea and then later than the late Chinese industry come from behind. With the maturity of OLED technology, production costs can be reduced, according to IHT Technology data show that now small and medium size AMOLED LCD panel production costs have been officially lower than the LCD screen. Therefore, OLED with excellent image display, rich color performance, lower power consumption, thinner design and flexible features, cost advantages highlight the advantages of mobile terminal applications gradually established, so the panel at home and abroad Manufacturers of capacity building, as well as mobile phone brand manufacturers of product applications, OLED technology have been greater efforts to promote.
OLED industry chain: domestic intermediate enterprises directly benefit
                          OLED organic materials market share of about $ 3.9 billion in 2015, the corresponding intermediate market share of about 400 million US dollars, close to 2.5 billion in 2020 OLED organic material intermediates market size is expected to grow to 60 billion. From the perspective of industrial chain, the domestic intermediate enterprises have successfully cut into the international OLED material supply chain system, with the OLED market space open, the domestic development momentum of good OLED intermediates Puyang Huicheng, Wanrun shares is expected to benefit.
Surface OLED drive touch industry pattern changes, GF manufacturers to regain a new life
                          In the past due to In-cell integrated panel and touch industry, the formation of independent touch factory adverse industry trends. But with the rise of surface OLED, the current surface of the OLED package mainly adopts the touch film packaging form, for the GF touch screen as the main technical path of Ophelia and other companies bring great industry opportunities, so that these traditionally mainly engaged in low-end market Of the manufacturers have the opportunity to enter the high-end product supply system.

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Skype: live:cassie_1191 2850818618