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Company News >> Display user experience research: AMOLED screen has an advantage over the LCD screen 8th,Feb,2017
                                Recently, by the Shanghai-Hui Photoelectric Co., Ltd. and Fudan University jointly conducted a special user experience for the display screen. The results show that AMOLED is superior to LCD in terms of perceived brightness, user preference, visual recognition, and comfort, compared to the AMOLED and LCD display user experiences. This research will help terminal manufacturers and users to better understand the advantages of AMOLED in user experience.
                        In recent years, active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) display due to high color saturation, high contrast, ultra-thin, wide temperature operation and other technical parameters of the advantages, known as the next generation of display technology. But for the AMOLED visual experience in the advantages of less attention. In order to fully understand the end-user AMOLED for the perception of brightness, color, recognition, comfort and other aspects of the experience, and glow and Fudan University Optical Institute jointly carried out the special study, with a view to get a clear conclusion.
                        The study was conducted in two phases, and 50 adult volunteers were tested. The results show that: 1) the actual brightness of the AMOLED is lower than that of the LCD under the same sensory brightness; 2) the subjective experience of the AMOLED is lower than that of the LCD; 2) The majority of the participants that AMOLED picture is more saturated, vivid, more than half of the participants prefer AMOLED; 3) AMOLED participants in the visual recognition performance is better than in the LCD. The results showed that: 1) In the eyes of "eye fatigue", "eye swelling", "dry eye", "eye heavy" and other major symptoms of the eye symptoms of the subjective experience and biological indicators of the user's eye comfort , AMOLED are better than LCD; 2) critical flash fusion frequency, blink frequency and other physiological indicators of the test and analysis further confirmed AMOLED in comfort than LCD.
                        The next and glow will continue to work together with Fudan University, in the real-world environment simulation, display content and other aspects of improvement, to promote research in depth. The advance of the study will undoubtedly accelerate the domestic market of AMOLED products play a positive role in promoting. As the first truly domestic AMOLED display production of local manufacturers, and Hui Photoelectric responsibility in this regard. The company will continue to promote the user experience in the display screen and eye health aspects of the investigation and research, and is committed to research and development and product design to improve for the modern eye health contribute.

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