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Company News >> From LCD to OLED automation equipment industry growth and opportunities 16th,Feb,2017
                               Smart phones as the representative of the consumer electronics industry, high-frequency update cycle has brought the prosperity of the industrial chain boom, this paper from the LCD to OLED micro-change perspective, to explore the 3C automation equipment industry growth opportunities.
                       Changes from the terminal: from LCD to OLED, end market OLED applications rise, manufacturers accelerate the layout of investment
End users to the demands of the display to the lighter, thinner, better display changes. The process to bring the display panel innovation, on the one hand is technically from the LCD to the OLED innovation, on the other hand material from a-Si to LTPS innovation. In this trend, the panel manufacturers should be the potential, increase LTPS, AMOLED investment layout, OLED is becoming a new display technology, penetration is expected to gradually increase.
                      Changes in the process route: array, into the box, the assembly of the three major changes in the process, both the production line has also been modified
                      The manufacturing process of the display panel can be divided into: Array, Array, and Module. There are two main differences between OLED and LCD: CF substrate, backlight assembly and fit. In the module assembly, OLED and LCD in the process of the difference between the three main points: OLED reduced a CF substrate; OLED eliminates the need for backlight module assembly; in the touch screen and display module assembly, the use of the device Is different, mainly due to changes in the glue. OLED and LCD production line equipment versatility, easy to upgrade and upgrade.
Change the dividend to the equipment side conduction, domestic 3C automation equipment business is expected to wind into the sky
                      OLED investment to accelerate, is bound to increase the demand for equipment procurement. The former process and the middle of the equipment is mainly monopolized by Japanese and Korean enterprises, after the module equipment business is expected to achieve breakthrough in the field of domestic equipment, including the core equipment, bonding, testing, and so on. OLED investment in the process of accelerating the process, domestic 3C automation business is expected to achieve a breakthrough.
                      Overseas business enlightenment: mainstream enterprises with the trend, the core technology to enjoy good
                      From the panel to the module industry chain, the former process of vapor deposition, packaging links, almost by the Korean and Japanese equipment monopoly, after the module placement, testing equipment localization is breaking through the development of overseas enterprises, domestic Breakthrough is the future of domestic enterprises to achieve growth in the top priority, focus on core technology breakthroughs, continuous research and development, close to the trend is to keep the industry evergreen secret.

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