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Company News >> IGZO has a wide range of applications and LCD display applications 21th,Feb,2017
                                 Sharp (Sharp) is the world's TFT LCD panel factory development IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide, indium gallium zinc oxide) backplane technology main business, and Honghai buy one of the purpose of Sharp, also to obtain IGZO technology. DIGITIMES Research believes that although the current IGZO backplane accounted for the proportion of LCD display is not high, but its large size production, high resolution, energy saving, can be combined with OLED, the development of free shape display, and even non-display class medical applications , If Hon Hai invested funds to enhance IGZO production scale, the IGZO market share is expected to increase.
                         IGZO application surface is very wide, from small to large size are. Large-size LCD, IGZO can be corresponding to the 8-generation line (including) above production, and the number of processes (with a-Si TFT equivalent), with mass production advantages. Sharp products from the point of view, it has sold 85-inch 8K monitor, is expected to 2018 with the Japanese 8K TV broadcast schedule, will sell 8K TV.
                         Small size LCD, in response to smart phone panel with high precision and power requirements, Sharp also play IGZO features to enhance the performance of the above specifications. Fine dimension, because IGZO electrons moving fast (a-Si 20 ~ 50 times), is conducive to thin film transistor (TFT) miniaturization, thereby improving the display panel fineness, the trial products up to 806ppi, the future opportunities Up to 1,200ppi; power consumption, because IGZO in the static screen, the current can be intermittent off, without having to fully open the state, it can significantly reduce the 80% to 90% of the power (compared with a-Si LCD panel ).
                         In addition to the general LCD display, IGZO can also be curved, flexible, combined with OLED display technology development. IGZO can be used to produce low-temperature process, it can be made on a flexible substrate; and IGZO can replace the LTPS substrate, and OLED materials combined into the OLED panel. Sharp trial products include 3.4-inch flexible OLED, and 664ppi high-resolution OLED panel.
                         In addition to the display area, IGZO backplanes can also be imported into non-display medical fields such as X-ray image sensors. Compared with the traditional X-ray detector, because the light and the charge is a direct conversion method, showing a more clear; another IGZO itself with high-speed movement and low leakage current characteristics, it can reduce the photographic time, thereby reducing the X-ray exposure; Coupled with high precision is easy to identify minor lesions, this is IGZO technology in the medical field development potential opportunities.

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