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Company News >> CPT 6th generation TFT-LCD production line is expected to put into operation next year 22th,Feb,2017
                                 CPT technology up to 10 billion yuan fund-raising scale of the project will be more concerned about the capital market. On May 18, 2016, the application for approval was approved by the SFC. In the company's recent investor reception day activities, the company chairman Liu Zhijun and other executives on the latest developments in the project and investors to do the exchange.
                          According to the plan, CPT Technology to be 10.50 yuan / share issue price, set by no more than 952 million shares, raised about 10 billion yuan of funds into the "Hua Jia Choi 6th generation TFT-LCD production line" and " Control display material device two "and other projects.
                          According to reports, the 6th generation TFT-LCD production line project using IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology, are high-tech panel. The construction site of the project is located in Hanjiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province, which is an important cooperation project of the electronic information industry on both sides of the strait. The Fujian Provincial Government has included the project in the provincial key project of 2016.
                          In order to seize the opportunity of market development, as soon as possible to achieve the 6th generation TFT-LCD (IGZO technology) production line project put into operation, since the start of construction in September 2015, CPT and Fujian Province, Putian municipal government level has been through different ways To carry out early investment.
                         At present, the project has completed the formation of the block, the main building CELL Dong, ARRAY building a layer of the main template began to set up construction, mechanical building, the pool to complete the construction of the basic beam; is expected in the third quarter of 2016 main plant structure cap; The main plant construction and power mechanical and electrical installation; 2017 first quarter production equipment into the installation and commissioning, the second half of 2017 trial production.
                         According to the plan, the state-owned capital of Fujian electronic information investment, Putian International has promised to own 2.5 billion yuan to subscribe for part of the current issue of shares.
                        "Keli as touch display material device two" project has invested some of its own funds. At present, the second phase of the first production line furnaces warehouse, furnace equipment is being installed, has been installed to complete 50%; platinum channel precious metals have been purchased, the production design has been completed, the recent processing and manufacturing; molding equipment production design has been completed Processing, is expected to install in July to the factory; cold end equipment production design have been completed, will continue into the plant to install. According to the plan, in September 2016, the first production line equipment will be completed and completed by the end of September ignition, put into operation by the end of December.
Keli as the August 4, 2011 was established in Fuzhou City Mawei District, the main production touch screen material device (high aluminosilicate cover glass), including the glass, 3D cover glass, 3D glass protective film , Products can be used in mobile phones, flatbed and notebook computers and other touch products, can also be used in smart watches, cars, intelligent windows, medical equipment, ATM machines. The $ 1.3 billion will be used to invest in the second phase of the project.
                         CPT Technology said that the first phase of the use of IGZO technology to produce TFT-LCD panel and thus promote the development of OLED industry; two will focus on the development of AMOLED related products, follow-up to flexible, transparent display and other direction.
The current focus of the development of the Coriolis project is in the field of high aluminum cover glass production and 3D glass forming cutting (cold laser cutting technology), follow-up to the automotive glass, smart glass, architectural glass and other fields.

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