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Company News >> China takes the lead in new display industry technology and accelerates industry iteration 7th,July,2021
                                              In the CRT era 30 years ago, China's color TV industry quickly became the world's important color TV industry system with the advantage of low-cost manufacturing; 15 years ago in the flat-panel TV era, Chinese color TV companies gradually deployed chips, panels and other upstream core component industries to further grasp The key core technologies of technology development, product design, etc. gradually get rid of the passive position in the global industrial chain layout.

However, in the past five years, when the growth of the global LCD TV market hit the ceiling, the color TV industry ushered in an important turning point. The new display technology represented by laser TVs supports the accelerated transformation and upgrading of Chinese color TV companies, and makes Chinese color TV manufacturing driven by technological innovation. Shine the brilliance of "the world's first".

Although the LCD share of the display market is still as high as 65%, in the current large-screen acceleration, Hisense-led laser display technology has suddenly emerged, and its high-speed growth curve is extremely eye-catching.Laser TV has become another key focus of the competition between Chinese and foreign color TV companies. It has also become the brightest star in the "starry sky" of new display technology.

Relevant industry data show that in the first five months of this year, in the TOP10 sales ranking of large screens of 80 inches and above, Hisense TV has 6 products on the list, three of which are laser TVs. In the market for large screens of 100 inches and above, Hisense Laser's 100L5 single model has a sales share of 77.90% and a sales share of 66.23%, ranking first in the industry. In particular, only in the overall global laser TV shipments in 2020, Hisense laser TV contributes 53% of the market, ranking first in the world.

European Cup China's display technology shines to the world

The Euro 2020 competition has entered a more anxious final stage. As an official sponsor, Hisense has swiped the screen with the slogan "Laser TV, the world's first" with high frequency, accompanied by world-class goals, won by hundreds of millions of fans all over the world. Focus. This is not only the appearance of laser TV in the European Cup, but also represents the rise of China's manufacturing to China's creation.

Behind this represents Hisense's advantages in the field of laser TV technology iteration, market position, patent application, standard layout, etc., highlighting the dominant position of the entire industry chain and creating a highlight moment for Chinese TV, which is worthy of many Chinese color TV companies. Learn from, think.

Throughout the development history of the TV industry for more than 50 years, China's color TV manufacturing is constrained by foreign-funded enterprises due to "lack of screens and fewer cores", and is at the bottom of the smiling curve of the value chain. In recent years, Chinese color TV companies headed by Hisense have continued to cultivate key core technologies such as chips and new display technologies such as laser displays, making great strides towards the two ends of the smiling curve.

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