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Company News >> Japan gradually fade out of the LCD panel switch to OLED giant to catch up with South Korea 23th,Feb,2017
                               In 2006, Panasonic began production of LCD panels in the Mau factory, as South Korea's Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, mainland China and Taiwan's panel makers have joined the field and continue to increase production, resulting in Panasonic share decline, gains deteriorated. Matsushita Matsushita factory in 2008 to stop production, all concentrated to the Himeji plant to reduce production costs. However, due to the increasingly fierce price competition and other reasons, the pace of improvement is slow.
                        Panasonic has invested heavily in the plasma TV panel at the end of 2013, and is now gradually withdrawing from the business.
                        Sony and other Japanese TV manufacturers are also one after another with the TV LCD panel business. In the mid-2000s, Japan's motor industry was seen as a leader in TV LCD panels. Just ten years later, Japanese companies have gradually withdrawn from the field. Panasonic believes that the TV LCD panel fierce price competition will continue, it is difficult to ensure profitability. In Japan, the production of TV LCD panel will be only Taiwan Honghai precision industry and Sharp co-operation of the two factories.
On the difference between OLED TV and LCD TV
                        OLED TV and LCD TV compared to the performance and contrast in the black is more excellent, with higher quality and other characteristics. On the other hand, due to the high cost of production of OLED panels, the price of TV is relatively high, the popularization process is slow.
                        But OLED has a liquid crystal difficult to achieve the display characteristics, so it has been seen as the mainstream of the future flexible display. OLED panel color is more vivid, in the design of the higher degree of freedom.
                        South Korea's LG Electronics OLED TV sales surge several times
                        It is understood that Panasonic will continue to produce and sell LCD TV, has now begun to accept the Korean manufacturers panel supply, and South Korea is preparing to synchronize                             LG OLED TV is the leading enterprises, 2015, OLED TV global market size is only 335,000 units, LG products accounted for more than 90%. From January to March of 2016, LG Electronics sold 11.3 million units, more than three times the same period last year.
                       June 6, 2016, South Korea's LG Electronics announced that 2016 OLED TV sales will increase to 3 times in 2015. Sales in 2015 is considered about 300,000 units, 2016 and strive to more than 900,000 units. In the rich product line at the same time, will also be outside the LG Group TV manufacturers supply OLED panel, for the expansion of market size, as soon as possible to develop OLED TV and LCD TV and the main products.
                       LG is the world's largest LCD panel manufacturers, LCD panel competition is increasingly fierce has no interest can be seen, LG and OLED have great expectations.
                       In the fall of 1995, the US Apple to the parts manufacturers will be released after 2017 iPhone on the use of OLED panel. And because the US Apple intends to use OLED panels, the Japanese display will accumulate mass production technology to fight against leading Korean companies.
                       Japan's display company (JDI) will invest 50 billion yen to build OLED panel production lines at the Maoming plant (Maoye City, Chiba Prefecture) in the spring of 2017, according to a report released by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun on May 13. Converted to smart phone panels, monthly production capacity will reach 1 million, plans to 2018 to 5 million, and the establishment of mass production system.
                      China, March 14, 2014, a report, the experts, the capital of Inner Mongolia Erdos City, the construction of 5.5 generation OLED display production line. In addition, Tianma Microelectronics is building the 5.5th generation OLED display production line in Xiamen. In addition, there is also a company is also building the 5.5 generation production line, is Kunshan Guochen photoelectric, is currently building in Kunshan City. In addition, there are manufacturers planning to build than the 5.5 generation of small 4.5 generation OLED display production line. Shanghai and Hi-Tech and Shanghai Tianma have decided to invest in 4.5-generation production line, is now in preparation

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